How does it work?

XLUR8 Educational and Research Foundation is striving to place people into jobs they want and which have a career path.  XLUR8 will achieve this ambitious objective using a Client Service Model based upon a philosophy of “attraction” rather than “promotion”.

Here’s how it works!

People learn about XLUR8 through “word of mouth” Inbound Referrals and through our Outreach functions. When people choose to engage with XLUR8, they will enjoy a personal Client Intake interview where the individual can learn about how XLUR8 can make a difference in their lives. If the individual chooses to become a client, they will then receive valuable Assessment and Life Coaching. The individual, who is now a client, can also receive Outbound Referrals to other sources of support as XLUR8 provides our core services.

Once an XLUR8 client receives Life Coaching, the client can proceed directly to our Job Placement services.  Clients can also receive Professional Development Training, Soft Skills & Life Skills training so that they have marketable skills which may differentiate them in the workplace.  Once clients have proceeded to our Job Placement services, we help connect them with organizations which have the jobs our clients want.

After we place our clients into jobs, we keep in touch for a full year so that if any of life’s obstacles get in the way of our client’s continued success, XLUR8 can help with continued support. Clients are encouraged to remain engaged with XLUR8 through our Alumni Association, which is a powerful way to create and maintain a strong personal and professional support network.

We encourage our clients to take part in Workforce Development Research which can help them and other people with the data which XLUR8 needs to make an even greater difference in the lives of even more people.

Here are the details.  Let’s start with the “Ends” and work backward with “Means”…

“People have jobs they want”
XLUR8 Educational and Research Foundation is striving to place 1,500 people into jobs they want.   This is the real-world, observable, measurable difference XLUR8 has defined.  When people, such as transitioning and retired U.S. Armed forces members their spouses and dependents, “Encore” workers (over 50 years old), and others have jobs they want, people enjoy a continually improving standard of living.  With fresh, marketable skills, people can get and keep good jobs, live freer from the worries of unemployment and the inability to pay for housing, food, healthcare, and other basic needs.  People can then focus on feeling good about themselves, serving their families, and strengthening their communities.  People with good jobs can then pursue their dreams with a realistic hope of achieving whatever they set upon their minds and hearts.

Job Placement
People want jobs that supply money, meaning, and other rewards.  People who have been used to making a difference through military and corporate careers are facing a changed global employment marketplace.  It is sad to say, that the search for work with purpose is often an intimidating do-it-yourself project.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  XLUR8 collaborates with employers, recruiters, government agencies, and other not-for-profit organizations to identify opportunities for XLUR8 clients to explore, and ideally find a good career fit.  Our Job Placement services are delivered through individual one-on-one sessions, in group, and cohort formats.  Clients may utilize our job placement services from the moment they engage with XLUR8, or after they have received other services such as Professional Development Training, Soft Skills & Life Skills Training, and Life Coaching.

Professional Development Training
XLUR8’s clients can better get the jobs they want when they are differentiated with professional certifications.  Employer organizations recognize the value of professional certifications in many of the job descriptions and job postings which they publish.  Professional certifications can represent a candidate’s qualification for jobs with a demonstrated commitment to a body of professional knowledge, with skill, experience, continuing education, and professional ethics.  Professional certifications can help Veterans, Encore workers, and others to quickly make the leap into a new career before pursuing more in-depth education or college degrees in their new professional field.  XLUR8 has developed a novel Professional Development Training model which assures a client’s achievement of the professional certifications for which they are qualified and eligible.  

Soft Skills & Life Skills Training
No matter which professional field XLUR8’s client’s may choose to enter, Soft Skills & Life Skills Training are a valuable part of the marketable skills which can get clients the jobs they want.  Progress in our world starts and ends with “people”.  The ability of a client to communicate and create good relationships between people and on teams is a key differentiator in the eyes of hiring managers at great companies.  XLUR8 is committed to equipping clients with the soft skills and life skills to be the very best leaders they can be.  Employers value leaders.  Communities value leaders.  And, for clients who demonstrate outstanding potential, XLUR8’s offerings include the “XLUR8 Leadership Academy”.

Life Coaching
One of the best things about pursuing job placement for Veterans, Encore workers, and other professionals in career transition is the unprecedented freedom you have. You can seek out careers that build on or extend your previous experience and training or you can branch out in an entirely new direction. The choice is up to you. There are few times in life when individuals have quite as much professional freedom and flexibility.  XLUR8 provides structured life coaching which can help our clients to explore and identify what they really would love to do with the next phase of their lives based on an awareness of their natural and developed aptitudes.

Client Intake and Ongoing Case Management
When an individual is attracted to the services which XLUR8 offers, a comprehensive, in-depth Client Intake interview is scheduled and performed.  People don’t like to be “processed”.  XLUR8’s case managers establish an intimate yet professional relationship with each person who wants what XLUR8 has to offer.  We take the time to really get to know each client, their spouse, any dependents, and the extended family.  We take the time to listen and learn about each client’s particular and unique life situation.  We ask questions which help us to fully understand the presenting situation and all of the client’s needs.  We dialog with each client so that they can get maximum benefits, even for those needs which they may not have known they had when they sat down with us.

Outreach and Inbound Referrals
XLUR8’s service philosophy is one of “attraction” rather than “promotion”.  XLUR8 will provide Outreach programming through a number of delivery channels which will be entertaining and educational.  People may learn about our programming through other not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, potential employers, community organizations.  XLUR8 also accepts Inbound Referrals by “word-of-mouth” and from any other organization.  However an individual may learn about XLUR8, all are welcome!

Outbound Referrals
When individuals approach XLUR8 for service, people may need additional help which is outside of XLUR8’s service portfolio.  Without additional help, our clients may have additional obstacles which may interfere or distract them from their journey towards securing the jobs which they want.  For example, individuals may need assistance with transitional housing, assistance with Veterans benefit, assistance with child or elder care.  XLUR8’s client service model has been designed to augment and supplement (and not duplicate and complicate) the services which other organizations and agencies provide.

With a clear identification of highly marketable skills defined, XLUR8 will provide standard and custom Assessment to clients at each point in our client service model.  Assessment of client capabilities is a valuable service which provides clients with a clear benchmark and hard data upon which to make career decisions.  Assessment also provides evidence of the improvement in a client’s marketable skills throughout their journey, which can provide hope, encouragement, and improved feelings of self-esteem.

XLUR8 also turns the light of Evaluation upon itself while the client is on their journey to the jobs they want.  XLUR8 integrates quality planning, quality control, and quality assurance into everything we do.  Continuously improving the difference we make in the lives of people at a value worth the resources our donors invest is a fundamental organizational value.  Evaluation of XLUR8’s service delivery by clients, staff, volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders provides valuable data upon which XLUR8 can prove accountability of the public trust extended to us.

Workforce Development Research
Each employer and organization is unique and seeks specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics in the candidates which they consider.  Also, there are certain kinds of common knowledge, skills, and abilities which every employer and organization require. Job seekers who have the right combination of these specific and common talent characteristics are well positioned for successful placement in a professional environment.  XLUR8’s research will identify these combinations of highly marketable skills which are in demand by choice employers. Please feel free to contact us at for more details.