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They helped us.  Now let’s help them. 

So many vets return with transferable skills but can only get entry level work. Encore workers have spent a lifetime excelling in an industry, but now need to shift gears.  People who want to work, are settling for underpaying or unchallenging work, just to make ends meet.  

XLUR8’s mission is to help these people get the jobs they actually want, by providing certification training to help translate their skills into resume currency in today’s job market.  XLUR8’s experienced trainers provide the training and coaching these folks need to step up to the next level… where they belong.   

While lending a helping hand seems like such a noble gesture, we often don’t realize that we can help in small but meaningful ways.  By sponsoring a vet through a class, or donating instructional equipment, or even supplying the office supplies needed, you can be a part of XLUR8’s vision… 

“1,500 transitioning and retired U.S. Armed Forces members, and others, have the jobs which they want.″


Please use one of the links below to support XLUR8’s mission to help folks get the jobs they want.  We owe it to them.


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Please note that contributions to XLUR8 Educational and Research Foundation since August 8, 2012 are now tax deductible.    

Please contact us at if you have questions about contributing.