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“1,500 Transitioning and Retired U.S. Armed Forces Members and Others Have Jobs Which They Want!”

XLUR8 Educational and Research Foundation, Inc. (XLUR8) starts with the “Ends” in mind: 1,500 people will have the jobs which they want. This is the CEO’s reasonable interpretation of XLUR8’s highest priority “Ends” policy.  This is our ourganization’s “SMART” objective (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Oriented).

Not-for-Profit Organizations (NFP’s) don’t just exist to “exist”. NFP’s exist to 1) make a difference 2) in the lives of people 3) for a value worth the resources invested. That’s the definition of “Ends” which XLUR8 uses and focuses upon. It’s a purpose which is more than just “results”. And, although we will utilize a variety of innovative “Means” (anything not “Ends”), our focus is upon “Ends”.

Please stay tuned for more information on how we will get those 1,500 people the jobs which they want.

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